Why I founded Ableton UG Tokyo?

This article,I want to tell 2 thing to world.


1 : Why I founded Ableton UG Tokyo?



 I write about  “Why I founded Ableton User Group Tokyo?”


Basically, I am independent musician, sound designer,producer & one of Ableton lover.


My life changed by using Ableton Live.

I want to teach delight of making music with Ableton Live.


Before I met Ableton Live, I was using many DAW(Logic,Cubase,ProToolsLE etc.).

Almost DAW were stop or crash when Computer status is High CPU load or slow Disk.

I witnessed the accident that the performance of a band(play with High spec Power Mac installed Logic) was confined to many times.


I met Ableton Live LE at 2004(KORG KONTROL49 bundle)

I was very surprised with Ableton Live.

I was surprised especially that Ableton Live  did not stop playing and Ableton Live has a new concept called “session view”.

UI which it is easy to understand even if I do not read a manual thoroughly.

Then, I upgraded  Ableton Live suite and  I use as my main music creation software as possible.



Before, Live 8 was released, I knew that Live 8 support Max For Live.

Max for Live: Max integration into Ableton Live , developed by Ableton and Cycling ’74.


then, I wrote Japanese version Max4Live tutorial E-Book with my original Synth and Effect.

(Now, free download from my blog. completely Free! you can download from my dropbox.  )


I’m writing Live 9 compatible version Japanese Max4Live tutorial E-Book.

I cannot disclose the details yet, but probably it’s contents will surely make everybody surprised.


I am watching Ableton Live related movie every day on YouTube from I met Ableton Live.

Especially, I learned many things  from Dubspot YouTube Channel.


I think that Dubspot is one of very awesome Ableton live,DJ,Mixing&Mastering,Sound Design School.



In december 2012,  I knew that Dubspot start to teaching for children.

When I knew this, I had a big sense of impending crisis.

I thought that a super hero of music must have been born out of these children in the near future.(like skrillex, DJ tiesto etc.)






I lived in Japan and thought that I must take some action as a Japanese who loves Japan.




Very huge earthquake on  2011.3.11.

That earthquake  named The Great East Japan Earthquake(3.11).




Maybe almost japanese people mind ached in 3.11.

Touhoku people lost their family, many people died, destroyed house by Tunami.

There ware a lot of people who cannot yet return to the house for radioactivity and various reasons.


Almost Japanese were plunged in grief long time.



After 3.11, the negative feelings were amplified by SNS(twitter)


Of course we must not forget the earthquake.

I think that there is not one person on earth who does not know about this earthquake incident.


But, I thought that people wanted you think positive.


I thought that I wanted to cause “good vibration” in last year Japan.

I think that there should be Ableton Certified school and Ableton trainer in Japan.

I noticed that there was a lot of Ableton user group in the world.

the participants have discussion, make a Ableton User friend,sharing knowledge(Tis,Tricks) ,and sometime performing Live or DJing with Ableton Live in other country Ableton user group.


I showed courage and wanted to change this situation.


Finally, I found  Ableton UserGroupTokyo( Ableton Certified)




Then, last year Ableton User Group Tokyo had it’s 1st workshop.(5 Day, 5.7 , 5.14 , 5.21 , 5.28 , 6.11 )




Many people asked me question positively, I answered as fast as possible.

I gave opportunity for participant.

I am happy to be the founder of AbletonUserGroupTokyo.



Especially, 6.11 was “Live performance by participant”.

Participant’s Live’s GUI operation was projected  by main projector!!


this video is 6.11 overview (Back music is my Remix Song)






I want to hold AbletonUGTokyo Workshop in autumn.


I’m writing Max for Live Japanese Tutorial compatible Live9.



I want to hold workshop once or twice time per year.

Someday, I want to invite Steve Nalepa(One of respect Dubspot’s Ableton Tutor ) to Ableton UG Tokyo.



Unfortunately,Ableton Live was translated to Japanese.But, there is not Ableton Certified Trainer and Ableton Certified School at 2014.





Finally, Ableton Certified Trainer information session in Japan!




Of course, I want to become Ableton Certified Trainer.

And, I want to found school like Dubspot, Pointblank.



All my behaviors are useful provision of information for Ableton Live users.

I want to teach how to use Ableton Live & Push and teach delight of making music for All generation(from kids to old persons).



And, I want to spend the time of my life on music and a picture becoming better.



March, 2014 


Atsushi Nakayama a.k.a electrounin


Founder of Ableton User Group Tokyo




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