Cherry blossom and ginkgo

I went Raitei for cherry-blossom viewing last sunday.

Raitei is Soba restaurant.

Raitei have beautiful garden.


I ate an japanese omelet and soba and drank sake.

I enjoyed a garden and took a lot of photographs.

Then,I went to Hachiman-gu Shrine.

The way of the cherry tree called the Dankazura was beautiful this year too.

I saw that A Japanese old style wedding ceremony  was held on the stage of Hachiman-gu Shrine.

This stage is a very holy place.

Noh is sometime played at this place.

This tree lived here more than 1000 years, but has fallen down under the influence of the typhoon last year.
However, a new bud lives powerfully!

Tohoku encountered the biggest disaster that Japan did not experience so far.

The transportation network was completely intercepted,
the television broadcast  many unbelievable scenes and sad informations.

But, I believe that Japan revives like this indomitable ginkgo .

Please please pray for Japan.